Building Construction Paper 2, May/June. 2013  
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Question 1

  (a) (i) What is meant by the term curing in relation to concrete production?
      (ii)  Describe two methods of curing concrete.

(b)   Explain each of the following terms in relation to setting-out:

  1. bench mark;
  2. datum level.

(c)   Sketch a cross-section through a raft foundation and label the following parts:

  1. external wall;
  2. ground beam;
  3. reinforcement.

Most candidates were able to explain the:

 -           term curing in relation to concrete production;
-           given terms used in setting out operation.

However, some were unable to:

-           describe the methods of curing concrete;
-           sketch a cross-section through a raft foundation.

The expected response to question 1 is as given below:

1(a)     (i)         Curing is a method of preventing rapid drying of moisture in concrete
or the process of retaining the moisture in a concrete mix during hydration of cement to enable it gain the desired strength.

                        (ii)        Methods of curing concrete are:

  1. By spraying the surface with a curing agent.
  2. By placing wet sack over the surface.
  3. By using plastic sheeting or water proof paper to cover the freshly placed concrete.
  4. By covering the surface with clean damp sand.
  5. By flooding the surface with water.

Explanation of terms
            b(i)       The bench mark is an established level where all other levels are determined.

(ii)        Datum level: - This is the reference level from which other levels on the site are determined.
(c)        Cross section through a raft foundation

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