Building Construction Paper 2, May/June. 2013  
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Question 2

  1. List four materials used as roof covering.
  2. Sketch a double pitched roof and label the following:
    1. ridge cap;
    2. purlin;
    3. fascia board;
    4. wall plate.
  3. Sketch a two bay glazed aluminium sliding window and label the following:
    1. mullion;
    2. sash;
    3. frame.

Most candidates were able to:

- list the materials used as roof covering;
- sketch a double pitched roof correctly.

However, majority of them were unable to:
- label the double pitched roof correctly;
- sketch a two bay glazed aluminium sliding window;
- label correctly, the given parts of the glazed aluminium sliding window. The expected response to question 2 is as given below:

2(a) Four materials used in roof covering
(i) Corrugated iron sheet.
(ii) Asbestos roofing sheet.
(iii) Concrete tiles, reinforced concrete slab/ferro cement sheets.
(iv) Aluminium roofing sheet.
(v) Plastic roofing sheet.
(vi) Thatch/palm fronds/Shingles/Raffia.
(vii) Bamboo.


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