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Christian Religious Knowledge Paper 2, May/June 2008  
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General Comments

question 2 2 SAM 12: 14-23

(a) Narrate the story of the death of the first child born to David by Uriah's wife. (b) State any three lessons to be derived from the episode.


This question was similar to the first question in that majority of the candidates who attempted it failed to go straight to the point; instead, they dwelt on unnecessary details which earned them no scores. They were to start answering the question from the appearance of prophet Nathan to David. Points expected to be mentioned include:-

  1. Nathan predicted the death of the child.
  2. David prayed and fasted to avert it.
  3. He rejected every effort to raise his moral.
  4. On the seventh day the child died.
Some of the candidates were able to bring out the moral lessons in the story and this earned them some marks.


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