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Christian Religious Knowledge Paper 2, May/June 2008  
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General Comments

question 3 1 SAM 31 : 1 - 13

(a) Describe Saul's battle with the philistine on Mount Gilboa.
(b) Give two reasons why the outcome of this battle could be blamed on Saul.


Very few candidates answered this question and those who did, handled it poorly. They described the war with the Amaliketes instead of the battle on Mount Gilboa.
They ought to have mentioned points like this.

      (i)    Saul's few surviving troops fled in panic after suffering a crushing defeat.
(ii) The Philistines overtook Saul and killed his three sons.
      (iii)                 Saul fell upon his sword and died.
The (b) part of the question did not help matters as candidates did not mention points like:

  1. The spirit of God was no longer with Saul.
  2. Israel had to suffer for Saul's sins. 

(iii) Saul forsook God and consulted a medium at Endor.

      (iv) Saul's tragic failure was a result of his disobedience.      


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