Clothing/Textile Paper 2, May/June. 2011  
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Question 5

                                                            Fig. 1
(a) (i)   Identify three elements of design used in the child’s dress shown in Fig. 1

     (ii)   List four principles of design.

(b)        Suggest three seams suitable for joining the panels in the child’s dress in Fig.1.

(c)        Explain the effect of the panel lines in Fig. 1 on the wearer.

(d)        Mention six materials used for making each of the following:
            (i)  belts;
            (ii) buttons.


This question was not well answered. They could not differentiate between elements and principles of design.  The question on materials used for making belts and buttons was well answered i.e. question 5(d).

The required answers to the question are as follows:
(a) (i) Elements of design
            - Line
            - Shape/form/space
            - Dot

(ii) Principles of design

  • Balance/Emphasis/Focal Point/Dominance
  • Repetition/Rhythm
  • Harmony/Unity
  • Proportion

(b)  Suitable seams for joining the panels
            -           Plain seam
            -           Overlaid seam
            -           Welt seam
            -           Machine Fell seam

(c) Effect of panel lines on Fig. 1

  • Give an illusion of increase in height
  • Make the wearer appear taller

 (d) (i) Materials used for making belts
            -           Leather                        -           Metal
            -           Fabric                          -           Thread
            -           Twine                          -           Elastic
            -           Raffia                          -           Rubber
            -           Plastic                         -           Beads

(d) (ii)   Materials used for making buttons

            -           Glass                           -           Leather
            -           Metal                           -           Shell
            -           Wool                            -           Fabric
            -           Ivory                            -           Plastic
            -           Plastic                         -           Twine
            -           Bamboo                      -           Beads

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