Clothing/Textile Paper 2, May/June. 2011  
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Question 6

(a)        What is impulse buying in relation to Clothing and Textiles?

(b)        State three disadvantages of Impulse buying.

(c)        State two advantages and two disadvantages of buying a sewing machine on hire purchase.

(d)  (i)  List six sources of consumer information.

(ii)  Give three reasons why your sister who plans to buy clothing items needs consumer education.


The question was very well answered by the candidates.

The required answers to the question are as follows:

  • Explanation of Impulse Buying

            -           This is the act of buying goods or articles on the spur of the moment, without
                        thinking whether one really needs the items.
-           No budget is made for this type of buying.

Disadvantages of Impulse Buying

-           It encourages spending money on irrelevant things while the necessary items
                        are ignored.
            -           It leads to overspending and waste of family resources.
            -           It can cause misunderstanding and conflict between husband and wife.
            -           The family may suffer when family housekeeping money is used recklessly on
                        impulse buying.

(c)        Advantages and disadvantages of buying a sewing machine on hire purchase

            Advantages of buying a sewing machine on hire purchase
-           Sewing machine is obtained on payment of only small deposit.
-           The consumer can use the sewing machine while still paying for it.
-           The retailer’s sales increases.
-           Increase in return of profit for the retailer.
-           It eases pressure on the family finances/budget.

Disadvantages of buying a sewing machine on hire purchase
-           Consumers are tempted to buy more than they can afford.
-           With long period of payment, sewing machine may be worn out before full
            payment is made.
-           Interest rate on the sewing machine is usually high.
-           There is risk of non-payment.
-           The sewing machine may be forfeited if full payments are not made on the
            due date.         

(d)        Sources of consumer information

-           Consumer’s own experience, her friends, neighbours and relatives.
-           Advertisement, Television, Radio.                                                                 
-           Sales agents.
-           Manufacturers’ leaflets and labels on goods.
-           Posters, handbills, internet, newspaper, journals, magazine, flyers

(iii)       Why consumer education is needed

            -           To enable the consumer know his/her rights.
            -           It enables them to discern innate or assess consumer information, so that they can interpret the available information about the goods and services.
            -           To enable them know how and where to buy the goods and services needed.
            -           To obtain best value for money.
            -           Eliminate waste in consumption.
            -           Safeguard consumers.

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