Clothing/Textile Paper 2, May/June. 2011  
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Question 1
  1. (a)  State four properties of animal fibers.

(b)  Explain the following types of weaves used in fabric construction:
      (i)         satin weave;
      (ii)        pile weave;
      (ii)        leno weave.

(c)  Give five points to consider when choosing fabrics for clothing construction.


The candidates performed poorly in question on the explanation of types of weaves.  They could not explain the different weaves.

The required answers to the question are as follows:

  1. Properties of animal fibers
  2. They drape well.
  3. They are absorbent.
  4. They are warm.
  5. They are strong.
  6. They blend well with man-made fibers.
  7. They are crease-resistant.
  8. They absorb dyes well.
  9. They are lustrous.
  10. They scorch easily.
  11. They smolder.
  12. They leave black beads after burning.
  13. They are damaged by alkalis and acids.
  14. They smell like burning feather.

b) Types of weaves used in fabric construction

  • Satin Weave –The weft or warp threads pass over more threads than are picked up. There are long threads on the surface which give a smooth/shiny effect.
  • Pile weave – an improvement on the plain weave, with extra thread added to the warp or weft threads of a plain weave background to make loops which may be uncut as in towels or cut as in velvet.
  • Leno weave – with very few threads the warp and weft are woven which make the fabric very light. It is a type of wave which has the warp yarns twisted between each set of yarns e. g. nets, gauze etc. Both warp and weft are woven.

c) Points to consider when choosing fabrics for clothing construction

The fabric should:

  1. suit the garment to be made.
  2. suitable for the wearer considering the figure type/Age of the wearer.
  3. be of right colour to blend with other garments in the wearer’s wardrobe.
  4. be easy to launder/method of laundering.
  5. be easy to handle during construction.
  6. be reasonable in price/money available.
  7. be durable.
  8. suit the occasion
  9. suit the figure type of the individual.
  10. suit the taste of the individual.
  11. suit the style to be made
  12. have appropriate designs.
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