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This question was also not properly answered. They were not able to relate fabric finishes to home handling processes.

The required answers to the question are as follows:

(a) Ways to prolong the life span of school Uniform:Remove stains as soon as they occur.
Do not steep them longer than necessary.
Wash them daily or regularly.
Carry out repairs as early as possible.
Choose strong man-made fabrics for uniforms.
Strengthen openings at the base during making to prevent tearing.
All seams should be neatened to avoid fraying.
Secure fastenings well during stitching.
Ironing temperature should be suitable for the type of fabric
Handle uniform with care/wash and rinse well.
(b) Rules to Observe When Making a Calico Patch:The patching fabric should match that of the worn article in colour, weave and age.
The selvedge and warp threads of the patch must run in the same direction as those of the articles to be mended.
The patch should be cut perfectly square on straight threads.
It should be large enough to cover the hole and the surroundings worn parts.

(c) Effects of Laundering on the following Fabric finishes:
Moth-proofing:- This prevents moth from attacking fabrics, however ordinary washing as well as dry cleaning will not affect the finish.Permanent sheen: the treatment gives a glossy surface to the fabric which resists soiling but if fabric is not handled gently during washing, the sheen is lost.Flame – resistant: - this prevents the fabric from catching flame and burning up quickly. If the maker’s instructions are not followed during laundering the finish gets destroyed.

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