Electronics Paper 2, May/June 2013  
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General Comments

Question 3
  1.  (i) Define the following term cascading
    (ii)State one consequence of mismatching in amplifiers.
  2.  Explain the operation of a Class A amplifier.

       c.  List three types of coupling in amplifiers.



The expected answers were:
a(i) The Term Cascading

     The mode of connecting stages of an amplifier with the output of one      amplifier fed as input to another.
 (ii) Consequences of mismatching

  • Power loss
  • Reduced gain   
    (b)   Operation of Class A amplifier

      The type of amplifier in which the circuit is biased such that the output current flows throughout the entire cycle of the input.
   (c) Listing three types of coupling in amplifiers

  • Transformer coupling
  • Direct coupling
  • RC coupling

Many of the candidates clearly defined the term cascading while a few mistook the operation of a Class A amplifier for its definition.  
Commendably, most of the candidates listed correctly the types of coupling in amplifier.

The question was on Amplifiers. The question was attempted by many candidates. The performance was good.
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