Electronics Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2014  
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General Comments

Question 6
  • Draw and label a block diagram of a tuned radio frequency receiver.
  • State two advantages of amplitude modulation over frequency modulation.
  • State one application each of a.m. and f.m.

                   The expected answers were:



(b)  Advantages of amplitude modulation (A.M.) over frequency
     (i)    Simple and cheaper transmitting and receiving equipment
     (ii)   Wider reception coverage area
     (iii)  More radio channels
(c) Application of A.M.
      (i)   T.V. video transmission
     (ii)   A.M. broadcasting

        Application of F.M.
     (i)    T.V. sound broadcasting
    (ii)    F.M. broadcasting
   (iii)    Cell phone communication


The question was on Communication Systems. The question was unpopular. The performance of the very few candidates that attempted it was average.

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