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Geography Paper 1 , Nov/Dec 2008  
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Question 5

(a)   Distinguish between rotation and revolution of the Earth.
(b)   Describe three effects of the rotation of the Earth.
(c)   Calculate the distance in kilometer between town X, latitude 32º N  and town Y, latitude 44ºS.  Show your workings clearly.


This question was  very popular with the candidates.  They performed very well in parts (b) and (c) but were note able to score high marks in part (a)  which required them to distinguish between rotation and revolution of the earth.  Marks were lost because of tabulation.  They were expected to provide such answers using comparative words like ‘while’, whereas, etc for distinguishing  between rotation and revolution . For instance:

- rotation is the movement of the earth on its axis from west to east while revolution is the movement of the earth along its elliptical orbit round the sun;
- rotation occurs within 24 hours while revolution occurs within one year;
- rotation of the earth causes day and night while revolution causes four seasons.


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