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Geography Paper 1 , Nov/Dec 2008  
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General Comments

Candidates' weakness

The areas of candidates’ weaknesses that were noted include: 

 1. Map work

Generally speaking, Question 1 was not properly answered by majority of the candidates.  Particularly, many of them could not answer the question on gradient correctly.  Quite a good number could not answer the part that require them to reduce the map to one third its original size and state the new scale.

Candidates are expected to purchase books on practical geography and topographical maps early enough so that they could practice adequately with the maps before the commencement of the examination.

(2)  Misunderstanding of the questions

Most candidates rushed into answering questions before they fully  understand the demands of the questions.  Candidates are counseled to spend  a few minutes studying the questions before they attempt to answer them. 

(3)  Poor grammatical expressions      

  Some candidates used future tense where they should have used past tense, spelling  mistakes were also noted on the candidates scripts.
It is required that candidates improve their grammatical expressions through constant reading of English textbooks, novels, literature and magazines.

(4) Inadequate  explanation of points

Many candidates have the habit of merely listing or stating the points without adequate explanation:  This made them loose much marks.

It is expected that candidates explain their points well and support such with diagrammatic illustrations where required in order to obtain full marks.













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