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Geography Paper 2, May/June 2008  
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General Comments

Question 9

(a) Draw an outline map of Africa.
On the map show and name:
           (i)        one major river that drains into the Mediterranean sea;
           (ii)       one maj or river that crosses the equator twice;
           (iii)      one major river that drains into the Indian ocean;
           (iv)      one rift valley lake;
           (v)       one man made lake;
           (vi)      one lake crossed by the equator.

(b) Highlight any five factors that limit the use of African rivers.



This question was not answered by many candidates.
The outline maps drawn by the candidates were poorly illustrated. This made them loose much marks. The factors that limit the use of African rivers are:
- majority of the African rivers are short;
-presence of cataracts, rapids and water falls;  -fluctuation in river volume;
-presence of water weeds/water hycinths; -silting of river mouths;
-some have shallow river beds; -high load in suspension/debris; -presence of dangerous animals; -narrow channels;
-some rivers flow through areas of sparse population thus limiting their use for transportation;
-limited cooperation among nations through which some rivers flow; -scarce capital for port development.

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