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Health Science Paper 1, May/June 2009  
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General Comments

Question 1

Study the diagram below and use it to answer questions 1(a) to 1(d).


  (a)        Name the parts labelled I to X.                                                       [5 marks]

(b)        (i)   List the types of joints shown in the diagram.                         [3 marks]
                       (ii)   State the locations of the joints listed in (b)(i) above.   [3 marks]

(c)  State one function each of the parts labelled III and V.               [2 marks]

(d)Outline how a crack in the part labelled VII should be

handled by a first aider.                                                                  [6 marks]




This question was popular among the candidates and they performed averagely in it.  In part (a) candidates could not label correctly due to wrong spellings.  In part (c) candidates failed to state correctly one function of the parts labelled III and V  i.e ‘tendon’ and ‘biceps’ respectively.

The expected answers were as follows:  
(a)(i)    Naming of parts
             I          -           Scapula;                                            VI          -           Triceps;
            II         -           Head of humerus;                             VII          -           Radius;
             III       -           Tendon;                                           VIII          -           Carpal;
             IV       -           Humerus;                                            IX         -            Phalanges;
            V         -           Biceps;                                                 X         -            Ulna.                                                                                                             
   (c)     Function of the parts labeled III and V
            Function of III

  1. Tendon attaches muscle/biceps to bone/head of humerus/scapula.

Function of V

  • Biceps brings about movement/flexing/bending of the arm.
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