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Health Science Paper 1, May/June 2009  
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General Comments

Question 2

 Study the diagram below and use it to answer questions 2(a) to 2(b).

(a)  (i)  Name the parts labelled I to VI.                                                                [3 marks]

      (ii)  State one function each of the parts labelled II and III.                           [2 marks]

(b)  (i)  Describe the role of the part labelled VI in digestion.                               [3 marks]
      (ii)  State the labelled parts associated with fat digestion.                               [3 marks]




This question was attempted by many candidates and they performed fairly well.  In part (a)(i) candidates’ labelling were faulty due to wrong spellings e.g. lever was written instead of liver.  In part (a)(ii) candidates could not state one function of the parts  labelled II and III.  In part (b)(i) & (iii) candidates could not describe the role of liver in digestion and could not label the parts associated with fat digestion.

The expected answers were as follows:  
(a)(i)    Naming the parts
            I           -           Diaphragm ;                                        
            II         -           Stomach;                          
           III         -           Pancreas;                                        
           IV         -           Duodenum;                                       
            V         -           Gall bladder;
           VI         -           Liver.                                                                                                                                                                                
Function of the parts labelled II and III
            Function of II

  1. For digestion of food;
  2. Storage of food substances;
  3. Secretion of gastric juice/digestive enzymes/HCl.                                                         
                Function of  III
  1. Production of pancreatic juice an alkaline liquid that neutralizes the acidic liquid from the stomach;
  2. Secretion of insulin.

(b)(i)    Role of Liver (VI) in digestion

  1. Production of bile; which emulsifies fat,  provides an alkaline medium for enzymes in the duodenum.

    (ii)    Parts associated with fat digestion
            III          -        Pancreas;       
IV          -         Duodenum;
             V          -         Gall bladder;
           VI           -         Liver;

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