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Health Science Paper 2, May/June 2008  
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General Comments

Question 3

(a) (i)   What is personality?
(ii)   State five phases of personality development.
(b) (i)   State five attributes of a mentally healthy person.
(ii)   Name two mental disorders.
(c)   State five contributions of Dr. Thomas Adeoye Lambo to mental health.



This question was not popular with candidates. In question 3(a)(i) candidates were unable to state what personality is. Candidates wrote frohel's development in answer to question (a)(ii). Candidates also mixed up phases of personality development as stages of mitosis, anaphase and telophase. In 3(c) candidates mixed up the contributions of Dr. Adeoye Lambo to mental health with WHO functions and frequency of mental health. The expected answers were as follows:


- The totality of physical; mental; emotional traits, which are unique to an individual.

Phases of personality development
- Childhood
- Adolescence
- Adulthood
- Old age

Attributes of a mentally healthy person
Self acceptance
- Understands his limitations and short comings
- Possesses ability to handle stress and setbacks
- Tackles problems in a realistic manner
- Good sense of self worth
- Has a give and take attitude
- Able to form and keep relationships
- Understands and accepts shortcoming of others
- Emotional stability
- Able to work both pleasurably and productively

Mental disoders
- Neurosis
- Depression
- Phobias
- Hysteria
P- sychosis/Schizophrenia, paranoia

Contributions of Dr. Adeoye Lambo to mental health
- Produced evidence of frequency of mental disorders;
- Gave prominence to the role of cultural and social factors on mental health
- Instituted the Aro Mental village to treat mental patients in an innovative way
- Created a department of Psychiatry in the University ofIbadan medical school.
- Developed a cultural specific curriculum for the teaching of psychiatry
- Instituted the training of psychiatric nurses.

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