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Health Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec.2009  
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Question 2

 (a)   (i)   List five types of natural disasters                                                             [ 5 marks]

        (ii)   Suggest five relief measures that could be given to victims
                of disaster                                                                                                 [5 marks]

(b)   (i)   List four types of accidents that occur in schools                                     [ 4 marks]

       (ii)   State four ways of preventing accidents in industries                              [ 4 marks]

 (c)    Give two reasons why health insurance is important                                    [ 2 marks]



     This question was attempted by many candidates and their performance was poor. 
     In part (a) (i) candidates listed types of natural disasters however, in part  (a)(ii) candidates
     answered the question partially, they could not suggest relief measures that could be given to
     victims of disaster fully.  In part (b) (ii) candidates mixed up types of injuries sustained e.g.
     fracture, dislocation, burns and scald with types of accident that occur in schools however, in
     part  (b)(ii) candidates could not state ways of preventing accidents in industries.  In part (c)
     candidates could not give reason why health insurance is important.

     The expected answers were as follows:

  1. (i)   Types of natural disaster

                  -   flood/Tsunamis
                  -   fire/volcanic eruption
                 -    pest invasion
                 -    tornados/storm/hurricane
                 -    famine
                 -    earthquake
                 -    drought.

          (ii)   Relief measures given to victims of disaster
                 -    provision of shelter
                 -    food/water
                 -    medical equipment/treatment/drugs
                 -    evacuation of victims of disaster
                 -    house hold materials/cooking utensils/cutlery sets
                 -    building materials
                 -    money
                 -    clothing

  1. (i)   Types of accident in school

                 -     fire accident
                 -     motor accident
                 -     laboratory accident
                 -     farm accident
                 -     toilet/latrine accident in pit
                 -     sports accident/swimming pool accident
                 -     classrooms accident.

         (ii)   Ways of preventing accident in industries

                  -    wearing of protective equipment within industrial area/factory area
                  -     signs/warning should be placed in dangerous zones/places
                  -     there should be proper education/orientation for industrial workers
                  -     restricted areas such as fire/chemical substance/dangerous zones should be
                        avoided and demarcated
                     -      rules and regulations guiding each area of work should be adhered to strictly
                     -      provision of fire extinguisher against any fire outbreak/provision of right tools.

  1.       Importance of Health Insurance

                 -      provides covers/money for treatment in case of accident/infirmity
                 -      disabilities/loss of limbs
                 -      provides for illnesses
                 -      increases access to medical treatment
                 -      provision for family members in event of death


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