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Health Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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General Comments

Question 5

(a)     State one function each of the following parts of the female reproductive system;

  1. ovary;
  2. uterus;
  3. vagina;
  4. fallopian tube.                                                                                        [ 4 marks]

(b)     State four secondary characteristics in boys                                                      [ 4 marks]

(c)     (i)   What is post-natal care?                                                                              [ 2 marks]

         (ii)   State three post – natal services rendered in the hospital                           [ 3 marks]

(d)     Describe how the human embryo obtains oxygen.                                            [ 4 marks]

(e)      List three contraceptive methods                                                                       [ 3 marks]




This question was attempted by many candidates and their performance was good.  In part (a) candidates were able to state one function each of the following parts of the female reproductive system.

  1. ovary;
  2. uterus;
  3. vagina;
  4. fallopian tube.    

In part (b) candidates wrote wrong answers such as moving with girls, putting partings on the head, day dreaming as secondary characteristics in boys.  In part (c)(i)  candidates were able to explain what is post-natal care? However, in part(ii) post-natal services rendered in the hospital were poorly stated.  In part  (d) candidates described the processes involved in embryo development instead of how the human embryo obtains oxygen.  In part (e) candidates listed contraceptive methods correctly.

The expected answers were as follows:

(a)    Functions of the following parts: ovary, uterus, vagina and fallopian tube

  1.   Functions of ovary

  -       secretes hormone/named hormones e.g. oestrogen; progesterone;
  -       produces female sex cells/ovum.

  1.  Functions of  uterus

-        accommodates the foetus/embryo
-        contracts to expel baby at birth

  1. Functions of vagina

-       serves as passage of menstrual blood/flow
-       it serves as birth canal
-       for copulation.

  1. Functions of fallopian tube

-       site for fertilization
-       passage of ovum into the uterus.

(b)      Secondary characteristics in boys     
            -     the testes scrotum and penis grow rapidly
            -     public hair grows around the penis and scrotum/private parts
            -     hair grows in armpits; on the chin and upper lips/moustache
            -     chest and shoulder enlarge
            -     production of sperm from sexual organ
            -     voice deepens/enlargement of larynx
            -     rapid muscle development/body becomes more muscular

(c)(i)   Post-natal care
           -    Attention and care/medicare;
           -    given to the mother and the baby after birth.

   (ii)   Post-natal services rendered in the hospital
            -    checking baby temperature
            -    health talk/guidance/counseling
            -    regular weighing/growth rate at baby clinic during mother’s visit
            -    immunization/vaccination/inoculation against tetanus, whooping cough, poliomyelitis
                 and tuberculosis, diphtheria; measles  
            -    supply of nutritional supplement
            -    to check whether uterus has returned to normal size.

(d)   Description of how human embryo obtains oxygen                                                        

        -    oxygen in the maternal blood
        -    diffuses
        -    into the placenta
        -    and carried by the umbilical cord/vein
        -    into the foetal blood.

(e)    Contraceptive methods
         -     condom/rubber sheath
         -     withdrawal/coitus interruptus
         -     vasectomy/male sterilization
         -     diaphragm disc
         -     pills/spermicides\rhythm method
         -     tubaligation/female sterilization
         -     IUD
         -     abstinence
         -     injection.

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