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Health Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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General Comments

Question 3

(a)  (i)    List the components of the Nervous system.                                                 [3 marks]
      (ii)   State two causes of mental illness                                                                 [ 2 marks]
     (iii)   State  two ways of preventing mental illness.                                               [2 marks]

(b)   (i)   What is blood plasma?                                                                                  [ 2 marks]
       (ii)   List four substances found in blood plasma.                                                [ 4 marks]

(c)    List four classes of drugs                                                                                    [ 4 marks]

(d)    State three ways through which your country benefits from the
         activities of WHO?                                                                                             [ 3 marks]



This  question was attempted by few candidates and their performance was poor.  In part (a)(i) candidates could not list component of the nervous system correctly.  In part (a) (ii) candidates could not  also list causes of mental illness and in part (a) (iii) candidates could not state ways of preventing mental illness.  In part (b) (i) candidates were able to explain what is blood plasma? However, in part (b) (II) candidates could not list substances found in blood plasma.  In part (c) candidates could not list classes of drugs.  In part (d) candidates could not state ways through which country benefits from the activities of WHO.

The expected answers were as follows:

(a)(i)  Components of the Nervous System
           -    central nervous system
           -    peripheral nervous system
           -    autonomic/sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

   (ii)   Causes of Mental Illness
           -    Hereditary factor
           -    environmental factor
           -    emotional problem/stress
           -    using drugs.
 (iii)   Prevention of mental illness

  •  engagement in physical activity/recreational activity
  •  avoidance of peer pressure/bad company
  •  counseling/education
  •  not indulging in drug abuse
  •  frequent medical checkup.

(b) (i)   Plasma
             The liquid compound of blood/Fluid part of the blood.

    (ii)   Substances found in blood plasma
            -    hormones
            -    food substances/named  e.g glucose/amino acids/fatty acid and glycerol
            -    urea/waste materials
            -    water
            -    blood proteins e.g. named fibrinogen/antibodies
            -   gases/carbon dioxide/oxygen.

(c)  Classes of drugs

  •   sedatives
  •   narcotics
  •   stimulants
  •   depressants
  •   tranquilizers.

(b)    Ways through which your country benefit from the activities of WHO

-     provide teachers to train health worker
-     collects and coordinates information and medical knowledge about health and  
      diseases from the whole world
-     institute international sanitation and quarantine regulations
-     prevent the spread of diseases between countries
-     gives advice and practical support to campaigns to overcome particular diseases/improve
-     send medical supplies and team of medical workers to control epidemics
-     provide assistance in funding and supplying water  to drought – stricken areas
-     when new dams are being built to provide water, WHO provides expert guidance on
      measures to be taken to prevent the spread of schistosomiasis, cholera and other related
-     WHO works in close collaboration with FAO in planning and running food production
      programmes where under –nourishment and malnutrition undermine the health of the

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