History Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments


Question 3

(a) List five items imported from North Africa to Kanem- Barno and Hausa states before 1800.
(b) Identify five changes the Islamic religion brought to Kanem-Borno and Hausaland.


This was a popular question. However, some candidates were confused about the requirement of the (a) part because they listed the items from the Atlantic slave trade. On the other hand, few candidates were able to
identify the social changes brought about by Islamic religion and they were handsomely rewarded. Some of the points they identified included:
(i)performance of pilgrimage;
(ii)promotion of Islamic education;
(iii)adoption of Muslim names;
(iv)observance of Islamic festivals;
(v)practice of Muslim marriage and funeral/burial rites.

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