Machine Woodworking Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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Question 2

(2)       (a)       Explain the term product layout.

            (b)       (i)         List four operations which could be carried out  on a jointer.
                        (ii)        List four different machines used for sawing timber.

            (c)        Sketch the cross-section of each of the following saw blades:

  • parallel plate saw;
  • hollow ground saw.





Very few candidates attempted this question. 
Candidates were unable to:

  • explain production layout;
  • operations which could be carried out on a jointer

The expected response to the question is given below:

(a)       Product layout is a system in which machines are laid in such a way that raw material is fed into the first machine and continues moving on, on the production line to the last machine as a completed product without having to move back and forth.
                                      (b)     (i)         Four operations carried out on jointer:
                                                            *           planing surface;
                                                            *           shooting edge;
                                                            *           rebating;        
                                                            *           bevelling;       
*           chamfering;
                                                            *           squaring edges;
                                                            *           tapering.        
                                                (ii)        Four kinds of machines used for sawing timber are:
*          circular rip saw;
*           circular saw;
*           band saw;
*           radial arm saw;
*           jig saw;
*           dimension saw;
*           cross-cut saw;
*           precision saw .                      



(c)        (i)



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