Machine Woodworking Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 3


(3)       (a)       State four safety rules to be observed in relation to a wood machine
                                    shop floor.

                        (b)       Name two safety devices used on each of the following machines:

  1. jointer;
  2. circular saw.


(c)        (i)         Sketch a sand bucket.
            (ii)        Explain how a sand bucket is used in fighting fire in a wood
                        machine shop.




    Most candidates attempted this question and were able to:

            -           state safety rules observed in a wood machine shop.
            -           sketch sand bucket.

            However, they were unable to
            -           state the safety devices used on a jointer.

            The expected response is given below:

 (a)      machine shop safety rules:-
                                                *           do not run in the machine shop;
                                                *           no “fooling around”/no horse play;
                                                *           remove paint or oil from the floor immediately;
*           store flammable/inflammable liquids in sealer container from heat or flames;
                                                *           keep the machine shop floor clear from scraps;
*           wear goggles or eye shield when using machines which produce dust, chips or shavings;
*           no adjustment should be made to a machine while the cutter is moving;
*           the cutter of the machine should stop moving before leaving the machine;
*           obtain permission before operating a machine;
*           adequate space should be provided in workshop.         

                                    (b)       The Safety devices used on:-
                                                (i)         Jointer
                                                            *           push block;
                                                            *           bridge guard;
                                                            *           push stick;
                                                            *           spike. 
                                                (ii)        Circular saw
                                                 *         crown guard;
                                                            *           push stick;
                                                            *           riving knife;
                                                            *           nose guard/ extension piece;
                                                            *           mouth piece;
                                                *           finger plate.               
                                    (c)        (i)        


                                                (ii)        The use of sand bucket to fight fire in a wood machine
*           it is usually a metal bucket/container;
                                                *           the sand bucket is filled with sand;
                                                *           the sand in the bucket is poured over the flame;
                                                *           the empty bucket is refilled with sand and poured
                                                over the flame until it is quenched or fire service

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