Visual Art Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments
Question 7
  1. What roles did ancestral activities play in the development of art in the Oceania?



The question was largely avoided by candidates as only a very few attempted it and their poor responses indicated an obvious inadequate knowledge of this art tradition. Some of the following are the points that candidates failed to elucidate:
art of the Melanesian, Polynesian and Micronesian.
they are a mixed race comprising natives and settlers.
their art forms were used for religious and secular purposes.
Art forms for Secular Activities
wood carvings for houses, canoes, war clubs and household utensils.
bark and pulp of trees for cloths and mats.
bones of animals for ear-rings, anklets, bangles, etc.
Art forms for Religious Purposes
stone carvings for ancestral stone heads.
feathers for ceremonial robes.

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