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Question 8

Write notes on the Classical period of Greek art.



This question was unpopular among the candidates, and it has further confirmed candidates’ limited scope of knowledge in art history. Greek art constituted a major art tradition in Western art history, and the classical period marked a major milestone in Greek art. As such, candidates’ manifestation of lack of knowledge in this aspect is totally unpleasant.
The following are some of the points that candidates neglected:

The Classical Period of Greek art

  • The word classical refers to something of high excellence, quality, or first class.
  • The period refers to the era in which Greeks reached the highest level of innovation and development.
  • Some of the great innovations of the classical period occurred in sculpture, architecture and painting.
  • Sculptors were no longer anonymous or unknown. The famous sculptors include Myron, Phydias, Scopas, Polyclitus and Praxiteles.
  • Sculptures of human figures were done in correct proportions.
  • The formality and rigidity of earlier sculptures gave way to relaxed figures and free movements of hands for gesticulations.                                                     
  • Canon of measurement that facilitated the creation of realistic figures was introduced.
  • Correct proportions, movement and flexibility were introduced to sculpture.
  • They improved upon the old Doric style by inventing the Ionic and Corinthian styles.
  • The Corinthian style was the richest and most elegant in design.
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