Visual Art Paper 1 ,May/June 2011  
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General Comments

Candidates' Weakness

Some of the following were the noticeable weaknesses of the candidates:

  1. Violation of Rubrics
    Some candidates responded to questions their own way and not in compliance with the dictates of the rubrics. For example, some of the candidates answered all their four questions from Parts A and B, ignoring Part C. This is purely at variance with the rubrics, which stipulated that candidates should answer four (4) questions in all, choosing one question in Part A, two questions in Part B and one question in Part C.
  2. Improper Utilization of Answer Booklets
    Improper utilisation of answer booklets was also noticeable among candidates. Responses to the same question were segmented on different pages, while some candidates lumped their responses to two or three different questions together on a single page.
  3. Irrational Presentation of Points
    Points were illogically mixed up without any modicum of coherence. This is a clear evidence of confusion that usually go along with inadequate preparation.
  4. Limited Scope of Knowledge
    Candidates have inadequate knowledge of the history of art. The fact that candidates neglected Section C, which usually contains questions on Western (European), Egyptian, Oriental and Oceanic arts, is a clear evidence of this. In spite of their inclusion in the Curriculum and examination syllabus, candidates’ knowledge is limited to Nigerian art.

Suggested Remedies
(1) Candidates should be properly oriented by their teachers on the appropriate use of answer booklets in examinations.
(2)      Candidates should make concerted efforts to improve their understanding and use of the English language. This would help them a lot in discerning the requirements of each question, and in presenting their points rationally and sequentially.
(3)      Art teachers should be encouraged to be adequately equipped with knowledge in the theoretical general knowledge in art / art history), as well as its practical aspects. This will reduce their unwholesome concentration on the practical aspects, to the detriment of other equally important theoretical aspects.
(4)       Individually, candidates should make adequate preparation for the examination and cover all aspects of the syllabus before the commencement of the examination.

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