Visual Art Paper 1 ,May/June 2011  
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General Comments

Question 4
  1. What is craft?
  2. Describe the process of decorating any one of the following:




This question was attempted by majority of the candidates. While some performed well, others failed to mention the salient points, thereby losing obtainable marks.Candidates were expected to respond to the question by highlighting the following points:

  • Craft
    - an activity involving a skill in making things with hands.
    - a skilled trade involving the use of tools and materials, which has to be utilitarian, decorative or for religious purpose.

(b)(i)       Process of decorating calabash
- decoration could be by painting, carving or scorching.
-  calabash is prepared.
- designs are determined.
-  sketches are made.


  • skin may or may not be removed.
  • design is transferred to the back of the calabash with a marking tool e.g Pencil.
  • colours are applied, using brush or foam.


  • design is transferred to the back of the calabash with a marking tool, e.g pencil.
  • iron is heated.
  • hot iron is used to burn the desired design on the calabash.
  • finish by lacquering.


  • design is drawn on the calabash.
  • design is carved out leaving the background in the natural colour of the calabash.
  • carved surfaces are smoothened.
  • vanish is applied.


(ii)    Process of leather decoration

  • leather is obtained from hides and skin of animals, e.g. goat, cow and reptiles.
  • prepare hides and skin for decoration by tanning.
  • rub leather with smooth stone.
  • transfer design to the surface of leather.
  • decorate leather using any of, or a combination of painting, embossing, joining with millet paste or  stitching (appliqué)


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