Woodwork Paper 2, May/June . 2011  
Questions: 1 2 3 Main
General Comments

Question 1

Design a cabinet to meet the following specifications:
          Height-900, including the stand.

The cabinet is a frame carcasses construction with covering on the outside. The cabinet has one shelf. The upper division is open, while the lower division is lockable with two hinged doors 450mm high. The shelf and doors are made with 18mm veneered plywood
    Q1.      Make two preliminary freehand pictorial sketches of different designs of the cabinet.



Few candidates were able to draw two different sketches.
Candidates were expected to draw:
-two different sketches;
-in three dimensional forms-isometric, oblique or perspective;
-the sketches without using straight edge;
-with the dimension showing  the depth of the drawer and width of the doors.

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