Woodwork Paper 2, May/June 2011  
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General Comments

Question 2

Select one of the sketches in question 1 and to a scale of 1 : 5, draw in the First Angle Orthographic projection the following :
   (a) the front elevation
   (b) Sectional end elevation


(a) the front elevation
  Few candidates did very well in this question. They were able to show the following members:
top, shelf, and bottom, stand (plinth, leg, extended sides). However, they failed to indicate the type
of joints between the members.

Candidates were expected to:
-Show the top, bottom, shelf, stand, (plinth, leg, extended sides etc.), door sides, door hinges, door handle,  door knob(s).
-indicate the type of joints between the members;
- indicate the location and size dimension of the member.
-write the name; FRONT ELEVATION on the bottom of the view.

(b) Sectional end elevation.
Most candidates did not do well in this question.
They were expected to:
- locate a cutting plane on the front elevation;
- use correct sectional representations to show the cut members;
- use notes and labels to explain the details that are not easy to draw .(e.g. hinges and knobs);
- project the view from the front elevation;
- write the name of the view at the bottom of the drawing.

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