Woodwork Paper 2, May/June 2014  
Questions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Main
General Comments


For all candidates

Two sheets of drawing paper, 550 x 375 mm are provided.

Use one of the sheets of drawing paper to answer question 1 and the other sheet to
answer question 2 and 3.

All dimensions are in millimetres.  You should work to the main dimensions but where
 no dimensions are given, you should use your own discretion.

Marks will be awarded for draughtsmanship.

  1. A primary school writing desk is to be designed to the following specifications:

                height at front  –  660;
                height at back – 700;
                length             – 600;
                width               – 450.
                (All dimensions are in millimetres)

    The tap is 20 mm thick solid wood.  It has a 6 x 6 mm groove; 20 mm from the back edge to hold pens and pencils.  The desk has an open storage space at the front, 100 mm deep beneath the top.

    Question 2

    Select one of the sketches in question 1 and indicate the sketch selected by a tick (√).
    To a scale of 1:5, draw in the Third Angle Orthographic Projection, the following views of the sketch selected:

    (i)         the front elevation;
    (ii)        the end elevation.


Few candidates did  very well in this question.  They were able to:

-           project the views to each other;
-           project the views from each other;
-           indicate the sketch selected;
-           show the top piece in front elevation;
-           show the pencil/pen groove, 2 legs, shelf and end piece (in both elevations).

However, majority of them were unable to:

-           place the views correctly;
-           indicate the sketch selected;
-           indicate the joints;
-           dimension their drawings.
Candidates’ drawing were expected to show:

-           one of the sketches drawn in question 1;
-           the chosen sketch;
-           top piece in front elevation;
-           end of top piece in front elevation;
-           end pieces (2 No.) in hidden detail.

They were also to name the views:

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