Woodwork Paper 3, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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Question 3

  1. Name and sketch two types of halving joint.
  2. (i)   Name two types of wood stain.

(ii)  State two reasons for staining wood.

  1. State three precautions that should be taken in nailing operations.


Most candidates were able to name and sketch the types of halving joint correctly.  However, they failed to:

  • state the precautions that should be taken when nailing;
  • name types of wood stain;
  • state the reasons for staining wood.

      The expected response to question 3 is as given below:

      3(a)            Precautions that should be taken in nailing operations

-Select the proper nail for the job.
-For greatest holding power, always nail the thinner piece of wood to the thicker    
-Do not place nails in a straight line as this tends to split the wood.
-When nailing thin materials which split easily, holes to accommodate the nails 
  should be made with a bradawl.
- Hold the handle of the hammer close to the end.

             (b)       Halving joints

-Dovetail halving
-T- halving
-Cross halving.

            Sketch of Halving Joints

Dovetail halving  T-halving  Cross halving joint
(c) (i)   Types of wood stain

                        -           water stains
                        -           spirit stains
                        -           oil stains
                        -           chemical stains

            (ii)        Reasons for staining wood:
                        -           to obtain uniform colour
                        -           to change colour of timber to a desired colour
                        -           to colour a job to match or harmonize with existing colour
                        -           to improve the appearance of cheap wood.

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