Woodwork Paper 3, May/June 2011  
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General Comments

Question 1

(a)       (i)         State four operations that are carried out on the surface planning.
            (ii)        In which operation on the surface planing machine is the bridge
                         guard detached?

(b)       State one specific use of each of the following:
                        (i)         mallet;
                        (ii)        mitre square;
                        (iii)       veneer hammer;
                        (iv)       sliding bevel.

(c)        Explain the term kerf bending.

(d)       Make a pictorial sketch of a mitre block



Most candidates were able to:

-           state the operations that are carried out on the surface;
-           planing machines;
-           state the specific use of the given tools;
-           explain kerf bending;
-           sketch a mitre block.

However, few candidates were unable to sketch a mitre block.

The expected response to question 1 is as given below:

(a)       (i)         A timber to be used for wood bending should be:
                        -           surfacing;
                        -           tapering;
                        -           edging;
                        -           splaying;
                        -           rebating;
                        -           bevelling;
                        -           chamfering.
                        (ii)        -           Rebating.

(b)       (i)         Mallet –  for driving chisels;
            -           for assembling joints;
            -           for separating joints.

            (ii)        Mitre square – for marking and testing angles at 45o

            (iii)       Veneer hammer
                        -           is used for pressing down veneers during gluing;
                        -           is used for squeezing out surplus glue when gluing;
                        -           is used for squeezing out trapped air when veneering.

            (iv)       Sliding bevel

                       -          for setting/marking out angles other than 90'
                       -          for setting/marking out dovetails;
                       -          for setting/marking out mitres;
                       -          for setting/marking out bevels.
                       -           for testing angles other than 90'

(c)        (i)         Kerf bending is the process involving the cutting of a piece of solid wood on
                       the inside surface with a series of saw cuts and bending it over pegs to form
                        a desired shape or curve

(d)        MITRE BLOCK

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