Woodwork Paper 3, May/June 2011  
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General Comments

Question 3

(a)       (i)         Sketch a hinge
                        (ii)        Label three parts of the hinge sketched in (a)(i)

            (b)       State two uses of each of the following:
                                    (i)         particle board,
                                    (ii)        hardboard.

            (c)        State two physical characteristics of iroko.





Most candidates were able to:
     -         sketch a hinge;
     -        label the parts of the hinge sketched
     -        state the uses of particle board and hardboard.
However, they were unable to state the physical characteristics of iroko.

The expected response to question 3 is as given below:

(a)       (i)         Sketch of a hinge

(b)       (i)         Particle boards used for table tops, partitions, flooring, shelving,
                        carcase construction, built-in-fittings, wall cladding. 

            (ii)        Hardboard – Carcase backs, drawer bottoms, partitions,
                        ceilings, room dividers, flush doors, wall sheeting.

(c)        Physical Characteristics of Iroko

-           Colour varies from yellow to yellowish brown.
-           Grain usually interlocked.
-           Dust irritates nasal cavity.
-           Dense to very dense.
-           Some may contain stone.
-           Coarse texture.

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