Woodwork Paper 3, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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Question 2

  1. (a)        State one function of each of the following parts of a tree:

                (i)         root;
                (ii)        trunk;
                (iii)       crown;
                (iv)       bark.
    (b)        State three differences between hardwood and softwood trees.

                Figure 8 shows three types of woodscrew.
                Use it to answer questions 2 (c) (i) and 2 (c) (ii).

  2.                                             Figure 8

    (c)        (i)         Name the screw labelled X, Y, Z.
                (ii)        Name the parts P, Q and R on the screw labelled X.



Most candidates were able to:

  1. state the function of the given parts of a tree;
  2. name the given types of screw;
  3. label the parts of the screw.

However, they were unable to state the differences between hardwood and softwood trees correctly.

The expected response to question 2 is as given below:

(a)        Functions of parts of a tree:

            (i)         Roots

                                  -             hold the tree firmly in the ground.
                                  -             absorb mineral salts and water from the ground.
                                  -             are used as medicine.

           (ii)        Trunk

                              -           carries the mineral salts and water from the roots to the                                                                                           leaves.
                               -           transports the prepared food (sap) from the leaves to other parts of the tree.
                               -           stores some of the food.
                               -           supports the crown.
                               -           is the main source of timber.
                               -           serves as source of fuel (e. g. charcoal, firewood, saw dust, e. t. c)
                               -           is the main source of veneer.

            (iii)       Crown 

                               -           manufactures food for the tree.
                               -           gives the tree beauty.
                               -           serves as source of fuel (e. g. charcoal, firewood, e. t. c).
                               -           serves as source of human food, e. g. fruits, seeds, e. t. c.

             (iv)       Bark   

                                -           protects the tree from weather, insect attack and injury.
                                -           is used as medicine.
                                -           is the factory of the tree where wood tissues are

(b)        Differences between hardwoods and softwoods

                                    Hardwoods                              Softwoods

  1. Have broad leaves
  2. Shed their leaves

           annually/are deciduous

  1. Have their seeds encased
  2. Are pored
  3. Are angiosperms
  4. Are dicotyledons
  1. Have needle-like leaves
  2. Have evergreen leaves


  1. Have naked seeds
  1. Are non-pored
  2. Are gymnosperms
  3. Are conifers


            (c)        (i)         X         -           countersunk head screw
                                    Y         -           round head screw
                                    Z          -           raised head screw

                        (ii)        P          -           gauge
                                    Q         -           thread
                                    R          -           slot

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