Woodwork Paper 3, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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Question 3

  1. (a)        State two reasons for applying a finish to a wooden article.   
    (b)        State three operations which are carried out on a wooden article prior to the
    application of a finish.

    (c)        State in sequence:
                (i)         three stages in painting;
                (ii)        four stages in applying wax polish.

                (d)        Explain each of the following finishing terms:
                            (i)         bleeding;
                            (ii)        curing.


Most candidates were able to state the:    

  1. reasons for applying a finish to a wooden article;
  2. operations which are carried out on a wooden article prior to the application of a finish.

However, they were unable to:

  1. state in sequential order, the stages involved in painting;
  1. state the stages involved in applying wax polish;
  2. explain the given finishing terms

The expected response to question 3 is as given below:

(a)        Reasons for applying a finish:
            -           To improve the appearance/aesthetic of the article.
            -           To protect the surface against dirt, weather, insect, and fungus attack,
decay and penetration of moisture.
            -           For hygienic purposes.
            -           To prolong the serviceable life of the article.
            -           To match existing environment.

(b)        -           Smoothening
             -           Scraping
             -           Glasspapering
             -           Raising the grain
             -           Filling
              -           Staining
              -           Patching
              -           Bleeching

(c)        (i)         Stages in painting
                        -           Priming
                        -           Undercoating
                        -           Finishing coat

              (ii)        Stages in applying wax polish:
                        -           Apply a coat of sanding sealer on wood surface.
                        -           Lightly rub the surface with very fine glasspaper.
                        -           Clean the surface and apply wax polish with a coarse rag in circular
                        -           Allow the work to dry and rub down again with very fine glasspaper.
                        -           Successive coats of wax polish should be rubbed well into the grain until
                              the desired finish is obtained.

(d)        (i)         Bleeding is a surface finishing defect that occurs when a finishing material
                  tends to dissolve the stain or undercoat.  The stain or undercoat blends with the finishing coat and                   spoils the appearance of the surface.  It is also caused by the coming up of natural gum, resin, oil, etc,                   on the surface of the wood.  It is prevented by applying a thin coat of Shellac polish.

              (ii)       Curing is the drying and hardening of the finishing materials after


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