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Agricultural Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2008  
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General Comments

Candidates Strength

Majority of the candidates showed an appreciable improvement in their ability to:

  1. discuss the importance of agriculture under the following headings: foreign exchange, raw materials and food;
  2. mention international non-governmental agricultural organizations and their main objectives;
  3. state advantages of sources of farm  power such as human, water, electricity, solar

   and internal combustion engine;

  1. give reasons why a farmer should survey  a farmland;
  2. list equipment used in farm surveying;
  3. state the effects of farm practices on the soil (inorganic fertilizer application,

   continuous cropping, flooding and bush burning);

  1. state ways in which soil water is important to crops;
  2. list ways by which water is lost from the soil;
  3. explain animal production terms such as: dipping, culling and quarantine;
  4. list methods of identifying farm animals;
  5. define the term diet as used in animal nutrition;
  6. state factors to consider in formulating diet for a farm animal;
  7. state merits of co-operative societies in the marketing of agricultural produce;
  8. explain group and mass methods of agricultural extension and state their merits and demerits.
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