Applied Electricity Paper 2 , Nov/Dec. 2014  
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Question 5

⦁ any three precautions to be taken to avoid accident at an electrical installation work site;
⦁ two types of substation;
⦁ three differences between overhead and underground distribution systems.




(a) Any three precautions
Adhere to safety precautions
Do not misuse or interfere with equipment provided for health and safety
Dress appropriately
Behave appropriately and with care
Avoid over enthusiasm and foolishness
Stay alert and avoid fatigue
Do not use alcohol or drugs at work site
Work within your level of competence
Attend safety courses and read safety literature
Take a positive decision to act and work safer
Use the right/correct tool for each job

(b) Any two substations listed below
Main substations
Distribution substations
Outdoor substations
Indoor substations
Transmission substations
Generator substations

Overhead distribution system Underground distribution system
It is easy to repair Cannot be easily repaired
Fault can be detected easily Fault cannot be easily detected
Has lower installation cost Costly installation
Jointing is simple Jointing is difficult
Maintenance not costly Maintenance costly
Air insulation Liquid and/or solid insulation
The question was on Electricity Transmission and Distribution. The question
was not well attempted by candidates. The few candidates who
attempted this question did not do well.


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