Applied Electricity Paper 2 ,Nov/Dec. 2014  
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General Comments

Candidates' Strength

Candidates were reported to have responded to the questions within their capabilities. Candidates did very well in their answers to questions on
(i) Ohm’s law, calculating the power rating of the heater and current drawn from
the supply;
(ii) the calculation of the relative angle of movement of conductor in a magnetic
(iii) listing of two factors that determine the magnitude of induced emf in a
transformer winding and calculation of volt/turn in an energised primary
(iv) the computation of the value of shunt resistance to extend the current range
of a moving coil instrument;
(v) listing of any two substations (vi) the calculation of XL, XC, Z and I from the
given data; and
(vi) writing the expressions for series and parallel connection of two capacitors.

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