Biology Paper 2,Nov/Dec 2012  
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General Comments


 The candidates manifested the following weaknesses: 

  1.  Inability to link structural features with their functions;
  2. Inability to distinguish between normal genetic crossing and sex-linked gene crossing;
  3.  Inability to distinguish between ‘natural’ and ‘mineral;
  4. Poor spelling of one-word answers;
  5. Inability to give corresponding answers when comparing two things and arranging them in order;
  6. Poor grammatical expressions;
  7. Poor knowledge of the application of genetics in marriage counseling;
  8. Poor practical experience in the use of simple biological equipment (the pitfall trap).

            The following remedies were proffered to overcome these weaknesses

  1.  Teachers should make topics in ecology and genetics more interesting by

  incorporating field trips and practical sessions.

  1.  Teachers should teach students how to identify structural features of organisms and their functions through practical exercises and not theoretically only;
  2. Teachers should be encouraged and sponsored for workshop or conferences where they can acquire knowledge on modern ways of teaching biological concepts;
  3. Teachers should endeavour to cover the syllabus with their students before the onset of the examinations;
  4. Crossing in sex-linked inheritance should be taught;
  5. Candidates should be advised to study;
  6. Teachers should use Chief Examiners’ Reports prepared by WAEC and released to schools in order to get feedback from examinations.
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