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Christian Religious Knowledge Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2008  
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General Comments

Question 6


Luke 24:13 – 35.

(a)        Relate the discussion between the risen Christ and the two disciples who traveled to Emmaus
(b)      What two important lessons can be derived from the discussion?



This was not a very popular question in this section but many of those
who attempted it gave vague answers and hereby had low marks. 
Some required answers for the (a) part are:

(I) Jesus inquired about the nature of their conversation
(II) The hope of Israel for redemption had been shattered
(III) The stranger gave messianic prophecies.

In the (b) part where they are to mention two important lessons, most of them were preaching.  In fact, the candidates muddled up the points thereby loosing marks.The required answers in (b) part are:

(I) Jesus taught that his life and mission were in accordance with Old Testament prophecies.
(II) The road discussion forms a vital link between the Old Testament promises and in the life of Jesus.


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