Chemistry Paper 3,Nov/Dec 2011  
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General Comments


The candidates’ weaknesses include:

  • poor mathematical skills;
  • failure to adhere strictly to instructions;
  • poor understanding of the demands of the questions;
  • rampant spelling mistakes;
  • use of wrong units;
  • failure to express numerical answers to appropriate number of significant figures;
  • inability to write correct symbols of elements and balance simple chemical equations; -           inadequate understanding of the mole concept;
  • inadequate knowledge of uses of laboratory techniques and separation methods;
  • poor knowledge of hydrolysis;
  • illegible handwriting;
  • inability to calculate the molar mass of Na2CO3.

The suggested remedies were as follows:

  • candidates should be exposed to tests of practical works early enough;
  • chemistry teachers should be sponsored to STAN workshops and conferences for exposures;
  • candidates should adhere strictly to instructions.
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