Chemistry Paper 1 (Practical) ,May/June 2011  
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General Comments


The performance of the candidates was affected by the following weaknesses:

  • delibrate alteration/cancellation of titre values/table to agree with/within the range of the teacher’s titre value(s)
  • averaging of non concordant titres
  • non adherence to instructions
  • poor/wrong inferences
  • inability to express answers to 3 significant figures
  • omission/wrong units
  • wrong terminologies e.g chalky ppt instead of gelatinous ppt
  • poor time management by recopying the questions
  • shallow understand of mole concepts calcualtion
  • inability to differentiate between number of moles and concentration in mol dm-3
  • inability to calculate the value of water of crystalization in Na2 CO3.yH2O
  • inadequate knowledge on separation techniques
  • inadequate knowledge on the used of laboratory apparatus.

The following remedies were suggested to overcome the weaknesses:

  • adequate preparations by candidates
  • prolong exposure to laboratory practical works
  • correct and acceptable procedure of presenting experimental results should be stressed by teachers during teaching
  • teachers/supervisors should not disclose their titre values to candidates
  • school laboratories should be adequately equiped with apparatus and analytical chemicals and not industrial chemicals
  • subject teachers should take part in the marking exericse so as to equip themselves with new pratices
  •  schools should employ qualified chemistry teachers.
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