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Chemistry Paper 2 (Essay) ,May/June 2009  
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General Comments

Candidates weakness

The weaknesses associated with the performance of candidates include:

  1. non-adherence to rubrics;
  2. poor communication skill;
  3. illegible handwritings;
  4. poor mathematical skills;
  5. lack of understanding of the demand of the questions;
  6. inability to outline a suitable procedure for the preparation of ZnCl2 crystals from zinc granules;
  7. non attachment of magnitude (sign/charges) to oxidation numbers;
  8. using formulae to express names of compounds;
  9. lack of understanding of the IUPAC nomenclature;
  11. inability to correctly write the complete reaction of ethyne with hydrogen bromide;
  13. inability to relate concepts in chemistry to everyday life;
  14. inability to give logical explanation on why an inflated balloon expands in water;

The weaknesses were attributed to lack of relevant textbooks, inadequate preparation for examination and non-familiarization with the prescribed examination syllabus.

The following remedies were however suggested to overcome the highlighted weaknesses.
Candidates should familiarize themselves with the requirements of the prescribed examination syllabus; 

  1. adhere to rubrics;
  2.  write legibly;
  3.  improve their communication skills;
  4.   acquire relevant text materials and cultivate the habit of visiting libraries;
  5.   prepare adequately for the examination.


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