Chemistry Paper 2,Nov/Dec 2010  
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General Comments


(1) The performance of candidates was affected by the following weaknesses:
              (a) non adherence to rubrics;
              (b) lack of understanding of the demand of each question;
              (c) rampant spelling mistakes/poor communication skills;
             (d) inability to interprete and relate chemistry concepts to immediate environment;
             (e) lack of understanding of the IUPAC nomenclature;
             (f) inadequate exposure to practical work;
             (g) inability to sketch a graph to show the heating curve;
             (h) inability to explain why boiling point increases and oxidizing property decreases down the              halogen group;
             (i) poor mathematical skill;
            (j) poor knowledge of the electrochemical cells.

{2}    The following remedies were suggested to overcome the highlighted weaknesses of candidates:
            (a) candidates should prepare adequately for the examination;
            (b) candidates should familiarize themselves with the examination syllabus;
            (c) candidates should read and adhere to rubrics;
            (d) candidates should improve on both communication and mathematical skills.



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