Chemistry Paper 3,May/June 2014  
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General Comments


The inadequacies in the performance of candidates were attributed to the following weaknesses:
-           non-adherence to instructions especially with regard to stepwise tests;
-           inability to write chemical symbols correctly and to write balanced chemical equations;
-           inability to make simple inference from observation recorded;
-           failure to express numerical answers with appropriate number of significant figures;
-           recording of volumes of burette to one place of decimal instead of two places of decimal;
-           use of wrong units;
-           carrying out test on solids instead of aqueous solutions;
-           manipulation of titre value to agree with that of the teacher;
-           inability to calculate the volume of gas evolved in the volume of reactants used at s.t.p.

            The following remedies were suggested to overcome these weaknesses:
-           candidates should prepare adequately for examination;
-           candidates should be exposed to practical laboratory work;
-           teachers should retrain from disclosing their titre value to candidates;
-           teachers should stress the need for the use of significant figures in rounding off;
-           there is the need to emphasize the difference between solution, precipitate
            and residue as each of these concepts means different thing;
-           subject teachers should take part in marking exercise so as to equip themselves with new practices.

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