Civic Education Paper 2 May/June

Question 4

(a) List five effects of human trafficking
(b)        (i) What does WOTCLEF stand for?
(ii) Identify three activities of WOTCLEF aimed at curbing human 
trafficking in Nigeria.


This was another popular question. The performance of most candidates who answered it was good as they really understand its demands. However, some candidates took ‘human trafficking’ in the (a) part to mean the same thing as ‘drug trafficking’ in the (a) part of question 5.  More so, some candidates deprived themselves of good marks in the (b) (ii) as they could not, in the main, identify the activities of WOTLCEF. The candidates were expected to provide the following answers to the question:


  1. Violation of the victim’s fundamental human rights.
  2. Forced labour/child labour.
  3. Maltreatment of the victim.
  4. Risk of contracting diseases such as HIV/AIDS, STD, etc.
  5. Social stigmatization.
  6. Unwanted pregnancy.
  7. Untimely death.
  8. Illegal/forced migration.
  9. Bad image to the country and its citizens.
  10. Brain drain.
  11. Denial of access to education.
  12. Redistribution of population.
  13. Torture/trauma.
  14. Exploitation.
  15. Restriction of movement.
  16. Dehumanization of victims.
  17. Sexual abuse/forced prostitution.
  18. Slavery.


  (b)      WOTCLEF

Women Trafficking and Child Labour Eradication Foundation

(1)        Assistance to victims.
(2)        Education support for victims.
(3)        Establishment of rehabilitation centres.
(4)        Engagement in youth empowerment programmes.
(5)        Establishment of Voluntary Testing and Counseling Centres (VTC).
(6)        Awareness campaign against human trafficking.
(7)        Providing counseling services to victims.
(8)        Developing training materials on best practices for tackling human trafficking.
(9)        Conducting research and disseminating results on best practices for addressing human trafficking.