Commerce Paper 1, NOV/DEC 2013  
Questions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Main
General Comments

candidates weakness/remedies

Some of the weaknesses observed in the candidates’ scripts were
            -           poor use of English Language:  Most candidates could not explain their points in clear and correct English grammar, thus they lost valuable marks;
            -           Insufficient knowledge of the subject matter:  Most candidates lack good understanding of the subject as a  result, they could not satisfactorily attempt some questions on types of discount and instruments of payments;
            -           Functions of development of Banks and why central bank is referred to as government Bank which were in questions 4 and 6 respectively;
            -           Tertiary Production, discount, Four Promising Note, Bank Draft Standing Order which in question 1 and 4 respectively;
            -           Few candidates attempted question on calculations in which they did not do well.


  • The candidates’ should endeavour to learn the rules of English grammar so as to enable them express their points clearly;
  • The candidates should be encouraged to study standard and comprehensive text book in their preparation for the examination rather than relying on key-points;
  • The teachers should thoroughly teach the candidates the aspect of the syllabus that deals with calculation of profit and capital;
  • Government should endeavour to recruit qualified Business Education graduates to teach the subject.

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