Commerce Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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General Comments

Question 8
  1. List four advertising media
  2. State four characteristics of personal selling
  3. State four uses of market segmentation.




  1. Candidates listed the Advertising media, however some key points were left out in candidates answers like cinema, internet/Websites, hoarding/billboard/ journals/magazine etc.
  2. Characteristics of Personal Selling:  The following points must be noted.
    1. It involves the movement of Sales Personal to potential buyers;
    2. It is suitable for Selling technical/Industrial goods;
    3. Guarantees immediate feedback.

    Uses of Market Segmentation  The following key points were left out in the candidates answers.

    1. To gain competitive advantage over similar products.
    2. To identify market opportunities for a product.
    3. To design marketing strategy to suit identified markets.
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