Commerce May/June 2015

Candidates' Weaknesses

Some of the weaknesses observed in the candidates’ scripts are:

-           Insufficient knowledge of the subject matter:  Most of the candidates did not have good understanding and knowledge of the subject.  As a result, they could not satisfactorily attempt some questions on “Ways the Central Bank contact the commercial Bank, ways to discharge a contract and calculation of discounts”.

-           Poor usage of English Language: Most candidates could not explain their points in clear and correct English grammar, thus they lost valuable marks.


The candidates should be encouraged to study standard and recommended text books on commerce in their preparation for the examination rather than relying on key-points;


The teachers should endeavour to teach the candidates all aspect of syllabus.  This will enable the candidates deepen their knowledge of the subject;


Government and proprietors should endeavour to recruit qualified Business Education graduates to teach the subject. They should endeavour to train the teachers;

The candidates should endeavour to learn the rules of English grammar so as to enable them express their points clearly.