Computer Studies Paper 2, May/June 2015

Question 2

  1. What is computer file?
  2. State two features each of:
  3. (i)Transaction file (ii)Reference file
  4. List two:
  5. (i)Effects of file insecurity (ii)Methods of securing files.



The expected answers were:
(a)        Computer file is the smallest meaningful unit of data representation within a computer.


            It holds the essential information for the continued operation of the organization, such as customers, stocks, employees, etc.


It contains records that are accessed regularly to provide information.

(b)        (i)         -Movement file
-It provides input to update the master file.                          

            (ii)        -It is stable and permanent in nature
-It is data used for reference purposes.                                  

(c)        (i)         Effects of file insecurity

  • Result to file loss
  • Data unreliability
  • Data corruption

            (ii)        File security methods:

  • Use of backups
  • Use of anti-virus
  • Use of passwords
  • Proper label of storage devices
  • File management
Candidates were required to have knowledge of file management. However, about three-quarter of the candidates demonstrated they had knowledge of file management.