Economics Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2012  
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General Commsents
Question 8

(a)        Briefly explain the following concepts:

  1. Economic development;
  2. Economic development planning.

(b)        Highlight any five reasons why the West African countries

engage in development planning.

The candidates who answered this question scored average marks.  This level of performance resulted from the fact that most of the candidates could not highlight the reasons why West African countries engaged in development planning.

            To score the maximum marks, candidates needed to include the following in their

            (b)        (i)         to achieve high rate of growth of national income;
                        (ii)        to provide greater opportunity for unemployment;

  1. to diversify the economy;
  2. to increase manpower development;
  3. to reduce reliance on foreign made goods;
  4. to achieve even development throughout the country.
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